Round 5: There Can Only Be One.....

Welcome to the final round of The Illumi-Nerdi: Artist Deathmatch 2.0.  As we've mentioned before this contest features brand new characters from a story created by us, the Illumi-Nerdi Vote for your favorite artist to the right ---->

And also vote for the THREE most interesting titles of the comic book that this contest is based on! --->

And here is the description of the scene for this week's contest:

"Everyone is in the gym, posing for a class picture. Matt crouching on top of the basketball hoop waving at the camera. Mary is engulfed in a glowing aura, with metal objects sticking to her as she looks very displeased. Viola is half-cheerleader, half-witch (split right down the middle) as she looks horrified into her pocket mirror. Dave has one hand reaching out to Mary with the same aura around him (as he absorbs her power) and in the other hand is electricity in the shape of a ball. Tommy is covered in mud, looking guilty, staring down at his hands which are bright red and scalding. Ron is smiling as he runs into the picture with a trail of dust and debris aiming towards the camera. Alex is looking around at all of his friends with powers, one hand is engulfed in rock and the other hand is in engulfed in water. Joe is wearing a lab coat, holding the camera in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other, pouring whisky into his mouth."

                                                              Peter Vazquez

                                                              Greg Kimmett