David Letterman's Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read Our Comic Book

After we went public with our “Behind the Writing”, we were scared. How would our supporters react? Would the typical fanboy be interested? As of right now, our support is growing and we are hearing amazing advice and criticism (which is exactly why we did this). When we first decided to create a comic book, we had no idea our concept could go this far. Maybe it would last a month or two and then we would be on our merry way. So, we created a blog hoping fans would have an interest in our comic book.  Nine months later, our blog has hit 35,000 views and people are asking for more. For the record, we aren’t professionals. We are amateurs but we will be the best god damn amateurs you’ve ever read. Tell your friends, your family and your therapist about us. We hope you give us this opportunity because we have big plans. Our story won’t stall and we vow to keep you guessing. We say this with a slight ego, “You have never seen anything like this before”. So, in the continuation with Phase Two of the Illumi-Nerdi’s “Behind the Writing”, fasten your seatbelt, because you’re along for the ride and we don’t know where the road will take us….

10. How often have you read a superhero story and wondered where this character really came from? The character is already established as a superhero and as we all know, at the end of the day this character will remain true to his heroic roots. Our comic is a Smallville type story that watches the development of characters; some of which try their hardest to be heroes and succeed while many others fail and go a much darker route. Each character has their own, individual voice and we try like hell to make sure no character is predictable. 

9. Our story is a lot like a TV show. It has premiers and finales with stunning conclusions and cliffhangers. 

8. Each issue ends with a flashforward that shows our characters ten years later. It reveals select info about the characters without giving away too much about their past (one character fakes their own death, one completely over embraces their powers, another is institutionalized, another tries like hell to completely avoid their powers, and the other attempts suicide through a mix of drugs and alcohol. Several of the other characters are working abroad for the government, attempting to lead living normal lives and a number of these beloved characters are already killed off by this point). 

7. Do you like superteams? Well we got a badass one. But don’t get used to it because….

6. There are deaths. LOTS of deaths. While there are characters you’ll grow to love and we consider “safe” from being killed, there’s a whole mess of other characters that you'll fall in love with that are not so lucky. Speaking of deaths, how do you feel about the undead? We have an entire issue dedicated to a Thriller type reanimation of corpses. 

5. It is loaded with charming pop culture references ranging from the the uber-nerdy Star Trek to the sheer ridiculousness of The Facts of Life (how could you not like love a Tootie allusion?)

4. Looking for a story with awesome super suits, tight spandex and colorful underwear on the outside of your pants? Well this story is NOT for you! These aren't billionaire entrepreneurs like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, these are 17 year old kids; they're wearing whatever is available to them: lacrosse pads, football helmets, Under Armor and jock straps.   

3. You know how every high school TV show and comic book has strangely mature characters? Didn’t Pacey, Joey, Jen and Dawson seem a little too world-weary and mature? Well this one features realistically flawed teenagers with real teenaged problems and real teenaged insecurities while still maintaining an interestingly adult story. How would a teenager deal with studying for a Chemistry final while still having to patrol against the evils of the city?

2. If you don't like any of the other reasons you should be interested in this story because it has a soul. This story has all the drama of The Sopranos, blended with the comedic pop culture references and one liners of Lost, while remaining true to a damn good superhero story. This story is about, more than anything, characters and relationships.

1. Because this story is written by two people who truly love comics and geek culture in general. We've seen all the boring, unoriginal stories out there and are truly excited for the world to read a story where the writers try to avoid all the pitfalls of comic books and maintain a unique, fresh narrative for a story.

What more do you need??