Coming in 2013: Shadowline's Five Weapons

Do you know someone that is always blabbering off useless facts? Do they know where the children of the world's deadliest assassins attend school?  Our guess is that they don't. If you were wondering where they do attend school, Shadowline has the answer for you. 

On February 27th, the creator of Bomb Queen, Jimmie Robinson, is introducing the world to his new creator owned book: Five Weapons. 

Five Weapons is written and drawn by Jimmie Robinson. 

"When the world's deadliest, stealthiest, and most infamous assassins need a place to educate their children, an institution that respects and upholds their values, they turn to the prestigious School of Five Weapons. At the setting of the new Image Comics/Shadowline mini-series by Jimmie Robinson(BOMB QUEEN), FIVE WEAPONS, students train in the martial arts, pledging their loyalty to one "club": Knives, Staves, Archery, Exotics, and Guns.

"The School of Five Weapons is turned upside down when a new student arrives, one carrying a name that all the students and teachers know: Shainline. The clubs vie for Tyler's loyalty, but it becomes apparent very quickly that this kid isn't someone who is easy to pin down. Tyler has just the edge he needs to succeed at Five Weapons — a razor-sharp mind!"

Starting in December, you can tell your LCS to start pre-ordering the 32 page monster that is Five Weapons. We guarantee this book will be an instant winner among the Bomb Queen fans.