Two Huge New Announcements from the Illumi-Nerdi!

We have two pretty damn cool announcements!

First things first: we officially have a new banner provided by our good buddy Mike Lombardo. Check out some of his absolutely gorgeous stuff at his WEBSITE. Also, special thanks to Jess Allan for inspiring the idea!

Second things second: we're officially announcing that we're working on our second comic entitled 617.

Here's a brief tentative synopsis: A plane collides with another in midair and the group of survivors crash into the Rocky Mountains. From there, it is something of a road story; the group trying to get back to society and what happens when they get back to “civilization” (it’s extremely crucial that "civilization" is in quotes). As they are attempting to trek down the mountain the group splits apart and comes across survivors from the other plane as well as many characters who know much more about their predicament then they are letting on . It’s sort of a mix of Y: The Last Man meets Christian and Norse mythologies. It is also (perhaps most importantly) a literal clash of Technology vs. Religion. You’ll see Valkyries, The Four Horsemen (who are evil/questionable historical figures you’ll certainly recognize who are attempting to earn their way back into God’s good graces,) Fenrir the Wolf, a few choice Angels and the good ol' Antichrist makes an appearance (who may not appear as you might typically think about the Antichrist). We blend a lot of different mythologies and attempt to find the answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything" (hint: it's not 42).