New 52 #19's Gatefold Cover formely known as "WTF" Month

A few months ago, DC planned planned to mark April as "WTF" month. Sounds like a catchy idea, right? We thought so but everyone else hated it. So when "WTF" month went viral, people pretty much bashed it. At one point it looked like "WTF" month was going to be "What the Fifty-Two" month but that idea fell flat with the comic book market. For the past week and a half, covers have been leaked on Bleeding Cool, Newsarama and Comic Book Resources. 

It looks like Superman is wrapped in vines, angry and maybe being mind control. Are Poison Ivy and the Scarecrow working together? 

Did you read Batman #0? Before Bruce was dressed up as Batman, he was fighting crime and doing Beta-Batman stuff. Gordon noticed a connection between Bruce's return and the sudden appearance of Gotham's vigilante but Bruce denied all accusations. Now that Robin is dead, we can all expect Gordon to start connecting the dots again and Bruce can't have that.   

Batman #19 is technically Batman #900. 

One of the few disappointments in Batman's "Death of the Family" was that the story had zero major repercussions. However, that is not in case in other Bat-family books. In Red Hood and the Outlaws, Joker left one final joke for the Bat-family post-disappearance. Joker put together a serum, sneaked it into Red Hood's helmet and now he's in a comma. On the last page of #18, the bottom of the page said RHATO #19 "This is your life, Jason Todd". Was his memory erased?  It hints at that. However, the "WTF" cover for #19 has half of Todd's face burnt off. Oh, and kinda looks like Two-Face


Looks like April is bringing the return of Darkseid's #2, Desaad.


Is the Reserves Flash and Wally West the same person? That looks likeWally's dad in Flash's hand.