NYCC: Interview with Bill Willingham

Almost a month ago, we were given the extraordinary opportunity to interview Bill Willingham, the former writer of Robin and current writer of Fables and Fairest. For reasons only known to us, it took a long ass time to get this interview from our IPhones to this very blog. At first, we thought about transcribing this interview. Five minutes into transcribing, we decided to f' that. Instead, take a break from your school work or working at your job and listen to the powerful words that come from the mouth of Bill Willingham.

Here are the questions that we asked Bill:

1. If he had a time machine, what changes would he make to Fables? (0:02)

2. Pick one: Star Wars or Star Trek? (1:28)

3. What is his favorite fairy tale that did he did not write? (2:23)

4. Why did he unmask Robin to his Dad? (3:28) 

5.  What is his opinion on Grimm and Once Upon a Time? (5:44) 

:SPOILERS: If asked, he would write an episode of Once Upon a Time. You heard it here first.