99 Problems but a Title Ain't One

Wow, it's finally here: our 100th post. As many of you know we created this blog as a means to introduce our story. Here we are 100 posts, 37,000 views and 9 months later and we're finally kicking it into gear. We'd like to thank our fans, family, fans, friends, fans, groupies and lovers (....Brian truly hates this term).
Recently, we had a contest for our fans to vote on the title of our comic. Well here it is; congratulations to the voters and, I suppose, congratulations to us. Our comic's title is Shepherd! We love this title, it really resonates with the theme of our story and we really couldn't be happier with it.

Now that we have a title, we wanted to get some art and therefore some buzz about our actual story. So, we contacted artist Kelly Williams about doing a possible promo for us and well, it kicked ass. We have four possible prototypes for Kelly's incredible promos, each featuring a slightly different depiction of our title and promotional line. For additional information on the character featured in our promo, Ron, see his description in our Artist Deathmatch.

If you have any questions about the promo, the character or what we're trying to do here, please feel free to email us at extras2124@gmail.

Please vote for your favorite promo to the right ----->