The First Ever Writers Deathmatch

After the enormous success of the Artists Deathmatch (congratulations Steven "Sash" Scott!) we thought a Writers Deathmatch was the next logical step.

While the basic idea is ours, the rest is up to you. You get to create the characters’ gender, affiliation, powers, race, and creed. You invent the setting for your characters while dealing with the themes and tone of the series. Please pay close attention to the rules and guidelines. The main point of this contest is to create NEW CHARACTERS. Use of previously existing characters is prohibited (please, no Spider-Man or Hellboy) as is the use of unoriginal fictional settings (Gotham City and Tatooine are definitely not allowed). That being said, let's get right into it:

"A famous superhero is imprisoned in a maximum security facility after years of loyal service to their community". It is up to you, the writer, to establish who the “superhero” is, why they are imprisoned, back story, characters and where the story goes from there. Welcome to the first ever Writers Deathmatch!

The contest will consist of four rounds of voting. Each round of voting will present a new aspect of the story for the writer to create.

Round 1. After we provide the writers with a very basic plot outline, the first round will consist of the writers creating character profiles and descriptions for THREE main characters; the protagonist and two other main characters (who are up to the writers’ discretion). Please write one short paragraph for each character. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 12.

Round 2. Plot synopsis, giving further details on characters. Discuss themes, tone, back story and basic plot outline for the first issue. Please write one paragraph for your Issue One synopsis. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 19.

Round 3. Tell us your overall idea for a 5 issue mini-series. Go into detail regarding characters and plot. Please write one paragraph for your overall idea for your mini-series. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 26.

Round 4. The final page of the final issue of your “comic” (complete with full scene description and dialogue). Please write one page for the final page. DUE MONDAY, APRIL 2. 

The winner of the contest will get an interview on the Illumi-Nerdi blog, promotion of your work and, hopefully, your page of script fully illustrated!

We're preferably looking for people who have written before. If you're interested in participating in the Writers Deathmatch, contact the Illumi-Nerdi at