March 1st: Creator Owned Day

On March 1st, I woke up and noticed something wonderful on my twitter trend. March 1st was declared Creator Owned Day. It's a day that Indie artists and writers have the opportunity to celebrate their work and the works of those that influenced them. Thanks to Jimmy Palmiotti, I leaned that Newsarama, IGN and Comic Book Resources did not do an article on Creator Owned Day. I thought, "Here is our chance (The Illumi-Nerdi) to make a name for ourselves". As I started writing this post, I realize it was not about us. Instead, it's about the hundreds of Indie writers and artists who spent their hard working money to ensure that their dreams saw print and made it on the comic stands. Many of these hard working creators don't yet realize they inspired 100s of fanboys/girls to become comic book writers and artists. This post is not only a  dedication but a thank you letter for all your hard work. Here are a few teasers for books that were shared with everyone on Twitter.

Beast Legion
Xeus: Art by Jazyl Homavazir

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TriggerGirl 6: Creator Owned Heroes

Beginning in June, Creator Owned Heroes will be shipped monthly by Image Comics. The creators of this book are Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles, Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Kevin Mellon and Bill Tortolini

American Muscle

American Muscle is another story within Creator Owned Heroes, which is written by Steven Niles. 

One of the covers for Creator Owned Heroes

This is a mystery project created by Krista Brennan

Created by Tom Taylor

The Deep is a story about a multi-ethnic family of aquanauts that live in a submarine. 

Oh my God......

A sneak peek to Morning Glories #17

Morning Glories is Lost meets Runaways. Nuff said. It's published by Image Comics and written magically by Nick Spencer and drawn brilliantly by Joe Eisma


Hip-Star is the team leader in the comic book titled Culture Shock, created by Josh Adams

Were there any Creator Owned Projects that didn't make it on our post? If so, post them in our comment box. 

Which creator owned title are you  most excited about in 2012? Let us know.