My First Issue Ever of The Darkness, Once Invincible Goes Black.....

The Darkness #100: Written by Phil Hester. Art by Romano Molenaar, Leandro Oliveira, and Jose Luis. 

Recently Matt Hawkins, President & COO of Top Cow stated on Facebook that he would buy pizza for the homeless in Venice Beach if The Darkness #100 sold out. That's the exact reason why I bought a copy. Who cares why I did it, because it's worth it. The ink job done by several artists bled perfectly into the penciling. If you love art, check out this issue. The art did a tremendous job enhancing the emotions that Phil Hester expresses in the dialogue. Phil Hester taught me one thing in this issue. That was, do not fuck with Jackie Estacado, he is no one's bitch. :Spoiler Alert: Jackie kills " The Darkness" that has haunted him since his birth. I've seen some ugly villains in my life but this one looked like a tumor in the shape of baby. Nothing can be scarier than that. After Jackie kills "The Darkness", a few questions linger. Where did "The Darkness" go? Can Jackie control it? Luckily for us fans, Top Cow shared a decent amount of pages from Darkness 101.  I plan to buy the next issue, I hope you do too.

Score: 8.5 

Invincible #89: Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Ryan Ottley 

The last three issues have been building up to this moment, Mark Grayson is no longer Invincible. Invincible was my first Image Comic ever. I believe it is superior to The Walking Dead. Ok, enough of that, lets get down to this issue. In the last issue, Mark gets a riff of a virus that could kill him. In this issue, we found out that Mark is in a coma. By the way, he's being taken care of by the remaining members of the Vilturmite Empire. This is the exact reason, I love Invincible. Nothing is predictable. The villain that we've all hated, Grand Regent Thragg is working with the humans to ensure Mark lives. He defintily has a motive and its going to be a lot of fun. According to an alien working for Thragg, Mark's DNA is a match. For what? We will have to wait and read. The beginning of the issue was a flashback. A brand new hero, named Bullet Proof is at the local superhero tailor, searching for a new costume. He notices Invincible's costume and seems a little too fond for it. Lets flash-forward to the present day and the world is in need of Invincible. Bullet Proof AKA Zandale becomes the first-ever black Invincible. I don't see Zandale giving up the costume over easily, anytime soon. Expect an Invincible VS Invincible battle in Issue 100.