In Memoriam: Green Wake

Good job, assholes. You missed one of the best comic series since Y: The Last Man: Green Wake. Writer Kurtis Wiebe (The Intrepids, Peter Panzerfaust) and artist Riley Rossmo (Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking) brought us one of the most strangely original series in recent memory, and you idiots didn't buy it. For those of you who don't know (and based on its unfortunately poor sales, there is a depressingly large number of you), Green Wake is about a detective and his partner in a strange and mysterious town, Green Wake, who is as much a character as any person in the comic. It was meant to be a 25 issue series but was cut down to a measly 10 issues because of poor sales. And without sales, you're without a comic. Green Wake combined all the annoying confusion of Lost with the satisfying answers of any good detective story. This brilliant comic left devoted fans begging for more (if for nothing else but the agonizingly fascinating strangeness of the story). The story exhibited so much promise with its unique and disturbing premise and especially its very different style of art. Much of it's clever mythos is left unexamined because of the briefness of the comic. But it did a really awesome job delving into Ancient Egypt, Brutus, Ancient Greek gods, a heartbroken monster, love, loss, guilt and the most infuriatingly interesting element: frogs (yes, frogs).
      I for one was so disappointed to find out it was ending. I actually had no idea it wasn't continuing until I picked up Issue 9. So for me to find out there was only one issue left in this incredible series was absolutely devastating. It would be like finding out Locke & Key was over in 9 issues (oh wait, it is :-/). However, there is an upside. We can still get our Green Wake fix over the next year. Kurtis Wiebe is doing at least three series this year (Peter Panzerfaust [a retelling of Peter Pan], Debris [a post-apocalyptic story] and Grim Leaper [what I see as a romantic version of Deadman]) and artist Riley Rossmo is doing a completely new take on a zombie story with Rebel Blood. So, since you guys already missed out on Green Wake, make sure to pick up these new tales of mystery and intrigue from these brilliant storytellers.

And for the love of God, buy Green Wake: on Amazon.
Or Midtown Comics