The Many Numbers of Shepherd

The Illumi-Nerdi recently made several leaps and bounds in our pursuit of getting a comic published. We rewrote the first 6 pages in a way that we were mostly satisfied (although definite tweaking will occur), got two incredible promos produced by the incredible Kelly Williams, and found an artist for those first six pages (also Kelly Williams). Where we’re stalled now is a silly step. It’s the “number” of our issue. It’s clearly not Shepherd #1, because it’s only the first 6 or 7 pages out of 21 or so. So, we thought about a couple of possibilities, (mostly stylistic), and thought we’d continue to receive the fan input that we have utilized and loved so far. So, what do you think?

Shepherd #.33- This is the first in many different one third options, this one being in decimal form.

Shepherd #1/3- This represents the same thing, Shepherd one third, this time as a fraction.

Shepherd  One-Third- The most literal interpretation; this one is just the words of what we’re trying to convey.

Shepherd #1/3- The fraction form, but in a smaller, more obviously a fraction version.

Shepherd 33%- This release represents 33% of the first issue, so this seems like an obvious option.

33% of Shepherd #1- The most literal and certainly different interpretation of the options.