Watch Kelly Williams bring Viola Proctor to Life

For a year and half, we have been searching for an artist to help bring our characters to life. The biggest problem was when we did see our characters come to life, they didn't look the way we pictured them in our minds. Thankfully, we met Kelly Williams on Twitter.  Let us tell you, this man is a blessing. 

As we mentioned, we want the fanboys to see and participate in the creation of "Shepherd". This post focuses on Kelly's creation of Viola Proctor. 

In our email, we described to Kelly our idea for the Viola promo: This promo will feature Viola Proctor. She is standing in the middle of the page, split right down the middle between two very different scenes. On the left half, Viola is standing on the football field in her cheerleader outfit. She is happy, enjoying the life of a 17 year old. Behind her the other cheerleaders are posed in mid-cheer. The bleachers are in view behind them, empty. The right side is entirely different. She is in a padded cell. Her hair is black and scraggly and her face is ghostly white. She is in a straitjacket as she stares directly forward, looking maniacal.