Beyond Thunderdome: The Winner of the Writers Deathmatch

Welcome to the final round of the Writers Deathmatch! We've had ten total submissions, and we are now down to a cage match: two enter, only ONE survives.

We have not changed any of the grammar or spelling of the writers' works. So the characters and style are purely theirs.

Vote for the ONE writer which presents you with the most interesting, compelling and original final page for their comic (a full description of the scene and tone of their last page).

A famous superhero is imprisoned in a maximum security facility after years of loyal service to their community. It is up to you, the writer, to establish who the “superhero” is, why they are imprisoned, back story, characters and where the story goes from there. With that out of the way, here are the competitors and their final page.

Scott Closter

 Panel 1

A page-wide panel, taking up 1/4 of the page. We have a close up of The Sixth fixes his stoic gaze upon a baseball sized model of the earth. The small floating globe is encased within a tesseract containment cube, matching the cube that the Sixth originally imprisoned Ohm in. The Sixth reaches out to touch it with one hand, and as he does this we see a mystical light akin to an aurora borealis dance between the cube and his hand.

CAPTION: With the death of the Mad God I have achieved full awareness of my connection to the psionic-earth grid.

CAPTION: It is imperative that I use this connection to elevate humanity to a level of perception equal to my own.

Panel 2

This large panel fills the remaining 3/4 of the page, leaving a nice visual to end the story on. We have a very wide shot of an actual Aurora Borealis, stars peeking through near the top of the panel. The Borealis in this panel has same coloring as the "mystical light" seen in the previous panel. At the bottom of this panel we have a bit of terrain, on which we see the silhouette of "Kemp," the modern-day shaman who originally summoned The Sixth into existence. Within the Aurora Borealis we have The Sixth floating down to earth, arms out-stretched in a somewhat messianic pose.

Aakshat Sinha

Panel 1

Slim vertical panel on the left side of the page. 25% of the width of the page, 70% of the height of the page.
2 dialogue bubbles
Bubble 1: Placement on the top, Kornuzo’s speech
               “Believe in me, or lose faith forever.”
Bubble 2: Placement in the middle of the panel, Denis’ speech

Panel 2

Big square panel. Right side of the page.
Completely black panel.

Panel 3

Thin horizontal panel at the bottom of the page, complete width of the page, 30% height of the page.
Kornuzo’s left foot in the left side of the panel up close looking away. Her laser katana is looking down towards the ground, dripping gooey, green blood. Sylenus’ feet are somewhere in the distance beyond in the middle of the panel. He is looking at Denis. Denis is crouched on the ground in the right section of the panel. He’s coughing bluish-green blood and clutching his abdomen and has one hand stretched out towards Kornuzo’s laser katana.
Denis’ speech bubble: Placement partially covering Sylenus 
         “If only I could…”