First-Ever Writers Deathmatch: Round 3-Mini-Series Outline

Welcome to Round Three of the First-Ever Writers Deathmatch! We had ten total submissions for the contest and now we are down to the top 4.

We have not changed any of the grammar or spelling of the writers' works so the characters and style are purely theirs. Vote for the two writers which present you with the most interesting, compelling and original mini-series.

A famous superhero is imprisoned in a maximum security facility after years of loyal service to their community. It is up to you, the writer, to establish who the “superhero” is, why they are imprisoned, back story, characters and where the story goes from there. With that out of the way, here are the competitors and their mini-series.

Meg Cush

The over-all tone of 468 is the impact mothers truly have on their daughters, even those with powers and good intentions. As the series progresses, you start to see the borderline-abusive childhood that shaped Theia’s unhealthy need to please her mother. Lisa-Raye was the driving force behind her daughter’s lifestyle choice, as well as the camerawoman and the one that sent her out to fight nearly every night of her life. By issue three, you notice a trend in her mother’s underhanded dealings when it comes to Agent Kaos’s ‘escapes’ from the law and his ability to attack wherever and whenever her daughter is out on the prowl. Issue four deals with the actual attack on Hamilton Elementary School and the arrests in connection with the bombings. By the end of issue five, Theia starts to slowly realizing that her mother was behind it more than she initially thought.

Scott Closter

Why am I here?  A question The Sixth has been asking from the moment he was summoned to Earth by forces unknown. Why are you here? For centuries Ohm freely wandered the universe until inexplicably drawn to Earth instilled with genocidal intent. Why ask why? What is the true nature of The Absurdist, and why is he utterly insistent on the inherent lack of meaning in our lives? Through reflection upon several of their previous encounters, including the events leading to their imprisonment in a high-tech containment facility, The Sixth and Ohm realize they must put their lives into each other's hands in order to stop The Absurdist before he annihilates mankind in a literal "World War." From the realm of the quantum to the edges of reality, The Sixth will discover his purpose in life, our future depends on it.

Aakshat Sinha

Denis Akratov had a secret that he’s not a humanoid, which when revealed got him locked up in prison. What he is in reality is still unknown, even to him. As Sylenus, his teacher and Kornuzo, the renegade survivor team up and break Denis out of prison, the wheels start to come off their disintegrating lives rolling downhill. Denis had been drugged with the poisonous seawater in prison and he dips back and forth into delusional fits. The authorities are after them, and so are the donberits - the water beasts. Unknown to the runaways there is a stronger force stalking them and looking out for the right opportunity to strike. The testing escapade leads them from Batumi, the beach city, through Kazbegi, the picturesque, dangerous mountains, onwards through the Borjomi gorge, right to the outskirts of Vardazia, the cave complex - the realm of Barastyr, the Cave Lord. The series ends with Kornuzo revealing a secret that completes Denis’ quest but raises questions of his true nature - Hero /Villain.

Arthur Gibson

Series starts with our Hero imprisoned for the murder of her husband, Phillip. Their rocky relationship and emotional battles greatly affected her fight against criminals and injustice. Char learns that Phillip has a tell-all book being published coinciding with when he will file for divorce. It exaggerates real events and tarnishes the “hero” image she is obsessed with. Portrayed as a who-done-it mystery, we will see the events of Phillips murder and how everyone could have done it. In the end Char is revealed as the killer. We’ll know the reasons for her action and witness the battle with Vane that results in Char’s death. The arc is held together by the comments of an unseen character. They are the closing arguments at the trial that Vane will get in the future. They provide commentary, narration, and orient the reader in a story that includes jumping from past to present.