It's Official: Fanboys are Hooked on Peter Panzerfaust

Remember that time you decided not to read Green Wake? Well, we are given you an opportunity to make up for that. Peter Panzerfaust, an Image Comics/ Shadowline Series is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Peter Pan. It's written by Kurtis Wiebe and art by Tyler Jenkins. 

Peter Panzerfaust #2 is in stores March 14th. By the way, it's already sold out. The second printing will arrive in stores on  April 11, the exact day Peter Panzerfaust #3 can be found in your local comic shop. 

Breaking News: Peter Panzerfaust was supposed to be an miniseries that ended with issue 5. We have exciting news for you.....Peter Panzerfaust is officially an ongoing series. Issue 6 arrives in September.