First-Ever Writers Deathmatch-Round One (Part A): Character Profiles

Welcome to Round One of the First-Ever Writers Deathmatch! We have ten total submissions for the contest and as each one requires a bit of reading, we decided to break it up across two separate days. So Round One (Part A) is available for voting now, and Part B will be up FRIDAY MARCH 16. The various competitors are broken up completely randomly so there is absolutely no benefit to being in group A or B. 

We have not changed any of the grammar or spelling of the writers' works so the characters and style are purely theirs. Vote for the three artists which present you with the most interesting, compelling and original characters.

"A famous superhero is imprisoned in a maximum security facility after years of loyal service to their community". It is up to you, the writer, to establish who the “superhero” is, why they are imprisoned, back story, characters and where the story goes from there. With that out of the way, here are the competitors and their characters:

Scott Closter
The Sixth - Protagonist
The Sixth is an advanced being from beyond the stars. This grim hero stands 6’2”, 180lbs with a fit, semi-muscular build.  He appears to be a Caucasian male of 35 years, and though masked, we can see his jaw and fierce glowing eyes. The Sixth’s powers are best described as progressed psychokinesis, abilities which allow him to affect matter on both micro and macro PK scales. In essence, The Sixth can manipulate the microscopic neurons inside your brain, and produce large scale effects affecting several city blocks. Initially The Sixth operated primarily out of the US, but would travel as necessary to deal with matters he deemed required his attention. After several years of crime fighting The Sixth had defeated every major science villain, and with the establishment of theAdvanced Crime Technologies government agency to deal with future threats, without explanation The Sixth vanished from the public eye.

The Abdurdist - Villain
The Absurdist is a 6’3, lanky Caucasian male. He is easily identified by the mask he wears which has a design akin to the head of a crash test dummy. The mask is wired with a series of computer circuits which allow it to perform various technological and tactical functions, including an advanced LED system that displays punctuation marks on his forehead, alternating to match the mood of The Absurdist.  He is a former nemesis of The Sixth who was eventually delivered by The Sixth himself into the custody of Advanced Criminal Technologies.  The Absurdist has a penchant for punishing or killing his chosen targets with highly absurd schemes or bizarre pieces of technology that often inspire laughter in the victim until they realize the last laugh is held by The Absurdist alone.

Ohm - Villain
Ohm is an intelligent form of inter-galactic protoplasm, said to have been wandering the universe for billions of years, searching for purpose. The entity’s true name is long forgotten, but was dubbed “Ohm” by the media due to the neutralizing effect the ooze has on the psychokinetic power of The Sixth.  Ohm’s nature is such that his presence nullifies the various powers of The Sixth, forcing the hero to rely on his wits, strength and available technology to defeat the scarlet ball of gelatinous matter. Ohm has come into conflict with The Sixth several times, but during their last encounter, The Sixth was able to trap Ohm in a tesseract containment cube and hand deliver the villain to 51.1 Labs for study. He was eventually turned over to Advanced Criminal Technologies where they’re developing an eternal containment protocol for the heinous mass of psychoplasm.

Aakshat Sinha

In the year 234PA (post apocalypto) Denis Akratov of Tsinindali, the wine town, is the famous superhero, who has singlehandedly provided for the creation of Xvantch Ark, the wine-like substance from the poisonous grapes of Batumi, the last beach city of the world. The intoxicant is the only safe drink of the world. His parentage and background is relatively unknown to public. Denis’ good looks, blonde hair, tall, lithe built and unblemished, taut skin, are god-like, which make his presence amongst the Humanoids even more ‘alien’. He has kept them safe from their inner demons and that of the shores beyond-the nefarious suckers that wear the humanoid skin over their own scaly one. He can identify these creatures with his special vision and has the super power to stun them before they can harm anyone, anymore. That’s till last night, when a visual file went viral. Denis was taking off his skin! Repeatedly! Denis has his fallibilities, least of them- not being a humanoid!

Sylenus Daedalusov of Borjomi, the southern gates to the last humanoid inhabited country of the world, is Denis Akratov’s teacher, friend and confidante. Denis learnt the ancient art of winemaking from him. Sylenus has the natural talent of long forgotten multi-talented innovators, who worked on all forms of sciences. He also has the power of future visions, though he’s not very good at deciphering them or explaining them. He keeps them mostly to himself unless telling tales to children, when he doesn’t hold back. He is obviously a hit with the children, but not their parents. He is bald, fat, has thick lips, a squashed nose and is generally drunk. His strengths are his sharp mind and talent at making things happen-a true creator. His sharp tongue and a secret weak disposition to non-humanoids are his failings. For now he holds peace with his personal demons, but till when?

Kornuzo Masova of Gergeti, the mountain village, is the only survivor from the mountainside of Kazbegi, obliterated by the Cave Lord army. She is short and buxom. She has long black hair, tied in a bun, held together with a strip of her first kill’s thigh skin, embroidered with the ancient, red sacred thread. She is a trained laser katana warrior and has an impregnable skin. Almost! Her body density is exceptionally high, making her seemingly impregnable, but susceptible to severe internal injuries from heavy blows. The internal injuries only heal with time and with some help from the secret brew of poisonous grapes of Batumi and seaweed! Surgery is never an option as no blade can cut through her skin. The treacherous world of Humanoids and the other mix breeds from across the world have taught her to trust no one. Her mission is to capture the Cave Lord with Denis’ help. She holds Denis’ biggest secret, the one that will complete him.

Bobby Fernando

Julius Landis
An unmarried idler who was tricked by the super villain The Conductor into volunteering himself as the test subject for a genetic alteration operation, with the promise that the operation would be able to fix his broken life. Indeed; the operation granted him the ability to absorb kinetic energy and channel it back through various manners, making it as though he possesses numerous superhuman abilities, such as superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, limited telekinesis, and others. With the ability he has acquired, Landis created a superhero identity known as the White Sentry to defend Polis (a fictional city located within the United States), his hometown, as well as the rest of the world. After 13 years of service, however, Landis—now 37 year-old—must now settle in The Heap, a prison devoted for super-powered beings, after murdering a group of lowly super villains who led a terrorist activity in Pakistan.   
Imogen Chang
Julius Landis’ cellmate, a lesbian twenty-some woman who is a former super villainess known as the Maiden. A ruthless and proud woman during her career as a super villainess, Imogen has grown into a soft and caring woman after being a prisoner in The Heap for 4 years; she even has decided to reform to the extent that she agrees to be lobotomized, in order to permanently deprive her superhuman ability.  (During her stay in The Heap, a temporary mind-block device is planted in her head, so her power will remain ineffective.) She serves as a friend and ‘nanny’ of Sloth’s, a childish, gruesome-looking giant who feeds on superhuman energy, which in turn grants him superhuman strength—a power which serves as an addition to his impenetrable skin. The arrival of Julius Landis doubles her job, as she feels obliged to guide and accompany Landis to get him used to his new ‘home’.
The Conductor
One of the world’s most fearsome super villains, The Conductor is always dressed in such manner his true identity is yet to be known by anyone but himself. According to the White Sentry, through his past encounters with the villain, The Conductor is a gentleman who loves classical music; an obvious genius who always shows suave and calm traits (although he often reveals his oppressive and harsh nature when facing his own men); and apparently possesses no super power. That is never his concern, however; as the greatest criminal mastermind, he is also the master of nearly every single super villain in the world, with some even devote their lives to guard him from any harm. In the last few years, nothing has been his main priority but to bring Julius Landis—the man who he believes to be his greatest creation ever—back to his side, with a purpose no other but to complete his army of super villains.

Christrian Hinrichsen

Dr Charles Wainscot was born in Cardston Alberta, hired by the equivalent of DARPA in Canada. Dr. Wainscot was searching for a new form of energy to help North America following the invasion of  Crogthi-Crimean Empire. While searching for a new resource he stumbled across an ancient city and found a well crafted Gloves. After placing them on he transported to a village of jaguar people in the jungles. It was there that he was accused of stealing the gloves and sentenced to a redemption trial. It was thru this trial that he aligned and began a new crusade against evil. Learning to control the natures of hydro-geological materials. He is 5'10, 210 pounds, Caucasian man with blue coal eyes and brown hair. He created his alter ego Dr. Quake.

Anya Cordova was born in Russia and excelled in biology and environmental science.   Recruited by the FSB she was asked to spy on the Canadian Energy council and serve as a liaison.  Joining Dr. Wainscot on his search the two became separated following the discovery of  ancient gloves. Hiring a crooked anthropologist-cryptographer, a fight broke out and she was mortally wounded. Struggling to get to the ancient village where Wainscot         was she was saved by the jaguar medicine queen and given a special gift for her loyalty and Hinrichsen to friendship to Dr. Charles Wainscot. She learned to control nature and took helm as Totem. Anya is 5'7, 130 pounds, Caucasian female and has short cropped blond hair and stream blue eyes.    

Colonel Jared Lynch aka On-Sward, a former US ranger and now a JAG officer. Lynch decided to declare a private war on the Crogthi-Crimean Empire and the fugitives of the Super-soldier project. Learning of his treachery on the private war, three Joints of  chief   were assassinated by him in the disguise of Dr. Quake. Calling Dr. Quake a traitor and assassin, Lynch hunted him down after taking a super-soldier serum that altered his DNA from renegade scientists working for the Crogthi-Crimean Empire. Hiring former Special Ops super-soldiers Lynch created his private army known as Lynch's Rangers. Tracking           down and capturing Dr. Charles Wainscot and placing him in the super-prison known as Utah-313. Lynch is 6'2, 280 pounds, Caucasian man built like a football player and has short brown gray hair and dark coal gray eyes.

Arthur Gibson

Protagonist: Vane Heartley (aka Aquetor). Age: 35. Vane was “raised" by absentee parents. Throughout her youth she made the wrong decisions and got involved with drugs and alcohol. Upon reaching puberty, she discovered she had two powers. Her first is the ability to turn solids to gaseous vapor. The second is to manipulate that vapor into forms and fields. She decided to become the role model she never had to the citizens of her city. Special powers meant special responsibility. She worked hard in public and private to always make the right decisions. While on the outside appearing an almost two-dimensional caricature obsessed with being a Hero, on the inside she is human and fights her demons daily. She is married. She lives to be worthy to be looked up to. Her life is about saving innocents, helping the needy, and being the perfect person – hero, wife, and mentor.

Supporting Cast One: Phillip Heartley. After years of going to galas, press interviews and ceremonies all celebrating his wife’s achievements, he is a man at the end of his rope. He is not in her shadow as in her mold. She wants to paint the perfect picture so he also needs to be painted. Talk, walk, and live her way. He is tired of existing in a prison. Phillip wants a divorce. That means walking away from the gifts, donations, and bonuses from a grateful city. He has a plan. He has written a secret unauthorized biography of his wife. Every human impulse, wrong step, and “normal life” incident from their twelve years together. On the day the book comes out he will file for divorce. He hopes sales will soar, provide him with funds, and maybe teach his wife a lesson about being honest about her own humanity.

Supporting Cast Two: Char Toyle (aka Fairy). Char is the opposite if Vane. She has no special powers, just abilities. She is a “rich kid” who has taken both gymnastics and ballet extensively. She loves to dress Goth. She is all about shock. She is rebelling against her “class” by getting into the streets. But once there, she had no attraction to the rougher, darker side of reality. Seeing Aquetor in action, she knew that was for her. She plagued Vane until she was accepted as an apprentice. Char gets to see the struggle inside of Vane daily: a person’s desires and impulses fighting against a hero’s ideals. Part sister, part friend, Char is both envious and repelled by Vane’s life. She admires the goal of being a true Hero inside and out. She hates the idea of being plastic. That smacks too much of her own home life.