The Creator of Ghost Rider needs your HELP!!!

Remember that semi-ok Marvel movie called Ghost Rider? Don't deny it, you saw it. Well, we have news for you. The creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich, is being bullied by Marvel. As comic book fans, we need to help put a stop to that.

Here is a timeline of Gary Friedrich's battle against Marvel.

1972: Marvel forgets to register the character, Ghost Rider, with the U.S. Copyright Office. Ghost Rider first appeared in "Marvel Spotlight #5".

2007: Ghost Rider opens in theaters nationwide on February 16, 2007.

           Friedrich sues Marvel, Columbia Pictures and Hasbro because he owns the characters in Ghost Rider because of Marvel's mistake in 1972.

2010: Marvel countered Friedrich's lawsuit with one of their own. They sought damages for his unauthorized sale of Ghost Rider's memorabilia. Most of the memorabilia were sold at Artists' Alley.

Almost two years later, an agreement was made between the parties. Marvel has insisted that they will drop the lawsuit if Fredrich agrees to pay $17,000 for all the memorabilia at Artists' Alley.

Steve Niles, author of 30 Days of Night, is asking for everyone's help. Out of kindness, he has created a paypal account that will be donated to Gary Friedrich.

Here's the link: Help Gary Friedrich

We thank you all for your support.