Aaron Mania: Wolverine and the Kids, The Hulk and Doctor Doom Team-Up .

Wolverine and the X-Men #5. Story by Jason Aaron, Art by Nick Bradshaw.

Five issues in and I've decided that Jason Aaron can do no wrong. Yes, I wasn't a fan of the new Hellfire Club but lets put that aside. Each issue of Wolverine and the X-Men has me begging for more. Seriously though, if you love comic books, you need to read this. The new artist, Nick Bradshaw is amazing. For those who have been following our reviews, you know I can nitpick art. This book is detailed orientated, especially all his distance shots. My favorite art scene was Hank teaching class inside Toad's body. The art was detailed, colorful and astonishing.  Dear Marvel, Do not lose this guy.

Why's this the perfect comic book? Two Reasons: amazing characters and the story drives character development. I was very leery about Angel dying and being reborn with a brand new personality but its growing on me. The new Angel is a hippie who tends to shed his clothes quite a bit. Unlike many books, the supporting cast drives this book. There is one scene, where the students are blowing off steam: Kid Gladiator is trying to convince himself that he beat up all the X-Genes in Toad's body, Brood is the odd little brother character and Quentin Quire seeks approval from everyone, while Genesis (A cloned younger version of Apocalypse) bemoans over the sudden dramatic change in his life. Once upon time, he lived on  :wink: a small farm in Kansas :wink: in a virtual world. For a long time now, my favorite character development book has been The Walking Dead. I think Wolverine and the X-Men have stolen that title. There is one character that Aaron has yet to define, Rachel Summers, Cyclops' daughter from another dimension. For the last few years, she has been stuck in space battling aliens. At the moment, she barely presents herself in the panels and seems to be a waste of space. Let's hope that changes. I rather see Gambit teach a class then read Rachel giving Quire another lecture. Actually, in the recent issue it was said that Gambit's teaching health class. That scene needs to happen ASAP. By the way, Kitty is pregnant with  and its a.....hmm...hundreds of microscopic brood aliens.

Score: 9.5/10

The Incredible Hulk #5: Story by Jason Aaron, Art by Whilce Portacio

There are three characters that are in at least 7 out of the 10 top best selling Marvel comics. They are Wolverine, Spider-Man and Doctor Doom. Since the beginning of the new Hulk series, everyone has been left wondering who separated the Hulk and Bruce Banner. The man behind one of Marvel's greatest mysteries is the one and only Doctor Doom. I'll make this short. He cuts open the Hulk's brain, don't worry he got permission. Next, he cloned a new body for Bruce Banner and transported Bruce's mind/brain into the new body. The end. Actually, that's only half the issue. The rest of the issue has the Hulk battling one on one with a Monkey-Hulk. The best scene in the issue, MH throws atomic-blue poop in the Hulk's face. However, the fight between the Monkey and the Hulk lasted more than it needed too. For those who haven't been reading the Hulk, Bruce Banner is a villain. He recently discovered that he has a tumor, which made him go a little cuckoo cuckoo. While the Hulk is dealing with monkey feces, Bruce is fighting off a team of assassins, who target only mad scientists. The issue ends with Hulk and Bruce going toe to toe. In the next issue, I hope Bruce dies. It would be a shock and the stories coming out of it would definitely have a lot of quality.

Score 8/10

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