No, Luke. I am your Blogger

We always knew we were nerds but this is our coming out party. We're nerds. We're here to be nerds. We grew up knowing a society (thanks Hollywood) where nerds were pushed into lockers. But we think we speak for all nerds when we say, as a rallying cry, LOCKERS ARE SURPRISINGLY NARROW, AND WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

We have big plans for this blog. What are those plans? We have no idea. But we love to discuss comics, movies, TV shows and books. So, check us out, and we'll try to rock you, shock you and most of all, mock you. 

15 years ago, nerds were ridiculed and mocked. But flash-forward to today and nerd culture seems pretty damn cool. Look at the box office hits this year: Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Transformers (unfortunately), and the Lion King 3D (fuck yes). Apparently being uncool is pretty fucking cool now. 

Most of all, we hate fake nerds. Yeah, we saw The Dark Knight too. Health Ledger war pretty damn good. Christian Bale talked in a gravelly voice. But what about real nerds? What about nerd culture? Would the American public spend $1,001,921,825 to see something really geeky like The Phantom? (remember those Phantom rings we got from 7-11? No? Just Me? 

This blog is run by two people by the way. One of us fought pretty hard for the The Meteor Man to be our example of real geek culture while the other desperately racked his brain for something better. For some reason, we settled on The Phantom, good choice, yeah? We're bound to disagree and probably fist fight (cuz nerds are really good fighters), but that's the mark of true discourse and good discussion.

PS. We totally have girlfriends. But they're from Canada. You wouldn't know them.