Superior Spider-Man #1: Why Doc Ock is a Better Spider-Man than Peter Parker

For the past few weeks, Spider-Man fans worldwide have been throwing rocks at the former writer of Amazing Spider-Man and current writer of Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott. After today, the fans will put down the rocks and shot “You rock, Dan Slott”. Superior Spider-Man #1 had one mission and it was to explain the key differences between Doc Ock and Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Superior Spider-Man has an enflamed ego, not very interested in being a superhero and has a very psychotic sense of humor. Doesn’t that sound fun and interesting? By the way, I’m not being sarcastic. Dan Slott is doing something bold and he should be applauded for that. Twice in one issue, Spider-Man was on the verge of crossing the line in which no pure superhero has returned from. Also, Spider-Man used his wall crawling ability as a weapon.

When Peter was Spider-Man, he used his unique gadget but never really thought outside the box when he planned on defeating his villains. I consider Peter a spontaneous go-getter. Doc Ock is the quite the opposite. Doc Ock is a strategizer, which worked perfectly for this issue.   The main villains for this issue were the New Sinister Six edition #10 maybe #12. Unlike Peter, Doc Ock’s genius transformed the nano-spider-tracers from a simple GPS to an audio transmitter. Also, his traps were hilarious and unique for a superhero. In the past, Peter’s traps were flawed and usually came back to bite him in the ass. I can’t believe I am saying this but I think Doc Ock might be a more interesting and smarter Spider-Man than Peter Parker. He is indeed the Superior Spider-Man. Yeah, I said that. Please, do not throw any rocks at my windows. For all those that refuse to read this because Peter died, you should buy the issue just based on the final page.

I do not enjoy critiquing art because I’m not artist but I do enjoy Ryan Stegman’s art. His action scenes > any action scene you watch in any Transformers or Expendables movie. 

Score 10/10