Have you heard the joke about a Nazi, a Witch and 3 American Soldiers?

On February 17, 2011, we began writing a simple comic. The inception of this comic spawned four rough drafts, a year and half of writing, and… no results. But that all changes today. After four rough drafts of our full comic, we decided to go back to the drawing board and revamp our writing. We always knew we wanted to begin our comic with a flashback to where it all started. Originally, we started with the ancestors of our two main characters escaping from a Nazi lab in war-torn Poland in 1945. We decided to move that action to Venezuela during the Cold War, as a former Nazi scientist attempts to continue his magnum opus.

Continuing with our growing theme of "Behind the Writing", the Illumi-Nerdi wishes to present to you the (very preliminary) first four pages of Shepherd.