Watch Kelly Williams bring Ron Darius to Life

For a year and half, we have been searching for an artist to help bring our characters to life. The biggest problem was when we did see our characters come to life, they didn't look the way we pictured them in our minds. Recently, we discovered Kelly Williams via Twitter. Let us tell you, this man is a blessing. 

As we mentioned, we want the fanboys to see and participate in the creation of "Shepherd". This post focuses on Kelly's creation of Ron Darius. 

In our email, we described to Kelly our idea for the Ron promo: The pin up will consist of our character Ron Darius. Details on Ron can be found below. Here is what we would like to see in the pin up: On the bottom of the pin up is an ocean of cash (quicksand). To the right, just off center is Ron Darius struggling to stay above the mounds of money. The audience only sees Ron from chest up. His arms are flailing, cash is splashing around as he attempts to stay above the cash. Ron looks panicked. Also, Ron is wearing a suit and tie.

The final draft by Kelly Williams