NYCC Exclusive: 215Ink's Cobble Hill and Southern Dog

Cobble Hill #1

"Written by Jeremy Holt and drawn by Selena Goulding, Cobble Hill is a coming of age story of 17 year old, Samantha Charles – sole heir to her family’s fortune after the mysterious disappearance of her parents."

"Another important character to the story is the fictional historical port town of Cobble Hill. More specifically, inanimate objects that speak to Samantha in cryptic messages which reveal dark secrets about the quiet and unassuming town — riddles she will ultimately solve."




Southern Dog #1

Written by Jeremy Holt, Art by Alex Diotto and Cover Art by Riley Rossmo.

"Inspired by such films as Teen Wolf and Ginger Snaps, Southern Dog examines the unique complexities of race, love, and what it truly means to be a family in the Deep South."