Behind the Writing: Who is Ron Darius?

As we decided to give our audience an inside look at the writing of our comic book, we thought it would be best to give you a closer look at the characters that you will come to love (and often hate) of Shepherd. In the coming months, we plan on unveiling 12 character promos and full character descriptions on these characters so you, the audience, can get to know them a bit before we unveil the full monty. So, GET EXCITED.

A very important term you need to know: Extras- this is the moniker for the serum used to bring out powers in these characters as well as the superpowered group these people belong to.

Last week, we went public with our first ever comic book promo done by the very talented Kelly Williams. The first promo focuses on one of our favorite characters: Ron Darius, the speedster on our team. Since everyone is unfamiliar with him, we thought we would share some interesting facts about him (as we'll do for eveyone).

Ron Darius (Likeness of Donald Glover)

Age: 17

Height: 5’10

Weight: 155 lbs.

Powers: Speed and extremely hard skin.

Weakness: Serious difficulties stopping early on in his development (think Luis in The Mighty Ducks) and high-pitched noises (particularly from his arch-rival, Ricky).

Personality: Ron is consistently light-hearted and ready to make the others laugh. He is the heart and soul of the team and eventually becomes the glue that keeps the group together (although this is certainly not true in the Flashforward).

Favorite Movies: The Shining, The Natural and The Departed

Favorite Music: Childish GambinoRun-DMC, and Bill Withers

Relationships: Best friend- Mary Carter (also an Extra, but she absolutely hates it). Father- Michael Darius (Detective in the Meteor City Police Department). Mother- Sharelle (waitress at the Shepherd Diner). Sister- Dominique, or DeeDee. (older than Ron, goes to North Carolina University as a Political Science major. Who knows, maybe we'll see her again in the future in a political role [possibly villainous? hint-hint wink-wink]). Cousin- Ricky (local gang leader and also an Extra- high pitch noise which causes severe seizures in non-powered people but is particularly effective to the speedster Ron). Classmates- Nate Dunham (amiable relationship, not best friends nor worst enemies), Viola Proctor (practically unknown to her as she is the popular, cheerleader-type), Matt Dunham (familiar face, and well liked to Matt as he is the captain of the football team and Ron constantly tries out but constantly fails) and Alex Reese (mutual disdain between Ron and the chain smoking Alex).

Future: Picture Donald Trump's money without the awful hair or douchebaggery. He is the CEO of  your typical Goldman Sachs or Enron. He hung up his ol' running shoes and is now all about the Benjamins. His sister is the Mayor of Meteor City and has created a campaign to round up and covertly eliminate all Extras (as her father was killed by an Extra).

This is all subject to change. Mostly from our input and how the story changes, but also (as this is kind of our mission statement now) from the fan's opinion. So, what do you hate about Ron? What do you like? Do you need reasons/explanations for any of his characteristics? Leave us a comment or email us at