The Artist Deathmatch 2.0: Round 4

Welcome to Round Four of the Artists Deathmatch 2.0! As we've mentioned before this contest features brand new characters from a story created by us, the Illumi-Nerdi

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And here is the description of the scene and character descriptions for this week's contest:

"This scene will focus on three characters. The scenery it is all up to the artists. On the left side of the panel is Alex looking angry and standing sideways. He has one leg in front of the other, as he squares off to Henry. His hands are out in a clapping motion. In front of Alex is a straight line of the cement and gravel rising up towards the other characters. In front of that line of rock is Henry Wells. Henry is clutching Joe’s throat as he holds him above the ground and the rock approaches and comes nearer to making contact with them. Joe is wincing in pain as Henry squeezes his throat".

Alex Reese (Justin Chatwin)
Powers: Manipulation of Earth and Water.
Physical Characteristics: Height-5’11”, Weight- 165, Hair- Shoulder length, dirty blonde. Wears band t-shirts, torn jeans, grungy look.
Personality: Alex is sort of your “rebel without a cause”, except he has a cause. He hates his stepfather (who abuses him and his mother) and has serious daddy issues apart from that. He is best friends with Nate, as well as Matt, although he often clashes with Nate. He finds a surrogate father in Joe (similarly to Matt) but consistently finds himself disagreeing with Joe and the rest of the group.
Weaknesses: electromagnetism, electricity.

Henry Wells (John Terry with a beard)
Powers: Invisibility, telekinesis, above average intelligence
Physical Characteristics: Height-6’1”, Weight- 165, Hair- graying.
Personality: Henry is something of a madman. He is a brilliant man who has worked with Joe McCoy before on Extras, but has definitely taken it in a different direction (namely, an evil direction). He has a vested interested in the Extras and particularly Joe.
Weaknesses: When making physical contact he cannot remain invisible.

Joe McCoy
Powers: Understands the “Extras” powers. Super-intelligent. Formerly experimented with Extras.
Physical Characteristics: Height- 5’9”, Weight- 170, Hair- Salt and Pepper.
Personality: Joe is the leader of this ragtag group of Extras. He has studied and has done research on Extras before, so he is one of the few characters that are familiar with the powers before they show themselves in these teenagers. He becomes the leader of this group despite being an alcoholic and showing a genuine inability in taking care of himself.
Weaknesses: Love for his niece, Jack Daniels and easily tricked by those he trusts.

Peter Vazquez

Greg Kimmett

Kevlen Goodner