The Artist Deathmatch 2.0: Round 3

Welcome to Round Three of the Artists Deathmatch 2.0! As we've mentioned before this contest features brand new characters from a story created by us, the Illumi-Nerdi

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And here is the description of the scene and character descriptions for this week's contest:

"Nate is on his knees, looking furious as he manipulates the ground and rocks around him, shooting rocks towards Tommy. Tommy is smirking, while holding his hands together, blasting flame towards Nate's rock attack (meeting somewhere in the middle). Scenery is up the artist."

Nathaniel "Nate" Dunham (Josh Hutcherson)
Powers: Ability to absorb and keep other’s superpowers.
Physical Characteristics: Height- 5’7”, Weight-165, Hair- Brown, unkempt. Plain hoodie, plain shirts, plain jeans. He’s a little bit bigger for his age, not fat but not fit. He’s a pretty average seeming
kid, but wizened beyond his years.
Personality: Nate is completely average in life. Average student, average looks. He is occasionally bullied but does his best to blend in.
Weaknesses: As well as absorbing powers, he absorbs weaknesses from people. Unable to attack someone with the same powers (with that particular power). When he touches someone again he loses their powers.

Tommy Bartowski (Anton Yelchin)
Powers: Ability to control and manipulate fire. Oh and by the way, he’s undead.
Physical Characteristics: Height- 5’4, Weight- 125, Hair-Brown, black in undead form. Tommy is scrawny for his age and seemingly very weak.
Personality: Tommy is a meek teenager. He is a kind, but bullied kid. He has a strong desire to fit in with a group and to feel protected.
Weaknesses: Water and can be controlled by Viola’s book (the Necronomicon). In life he has a strong need to belong and to please his friends.

James Wisinger

Greg Kimmett 

Peter Vazquez

Kevlen Goodner