The People's Choice: Our Comic Book's Title

We at the Illumi-Nerdi have written the first five issues of our comic book. We realized recently that we might have problem with the name (we won't mention what the original name was so that we don't influence your voting). We figured we had this blog at our disposal and thought we'd ask you, our faithful viewers, what you thought about it. 

So, we thought we'd give you the synopsis of the story (for those that haven't seen it yet) and give you the titles we've been thinking about. 

Our comic book is not about superheroes punching super-villains and colorful spandex. In our comic book, true heroes do not last, despite how desperately they really are needed. Our story focuses on the failures and rare achievements of each character.  A special group of teenagers gained their powers because their ancestors were part of a terrible Nazi experiment. However, it took 70 years for the Extra serum to take affect. Starting in issue one, the abilities that each character possesses instantly causes danger and anguish to themselves and the ones they love. A best friend is murdered, a father is accidentally killed and the main protagonist is shot, kidnapped and trapped in a fun house. By the end of the miniseries, one character has the ability to raise the dead which coincidentally creates a “Thriller” like scenario at the Halloween dance. When our group of teenagers comes together, it isn't just to fight an impending doom. It’s out of necessity and need for each other. However, this group will not last. These are deeply flawed, realistic characters without any discernible, clear-cut path. All of the characters constantly struggle between the allure of the light and the temptation of the dark while developing their own unique abilities. Each issue ends with a flash forward of 10 years later. The flash forwards explore our characters’ adult lives and their failure to cope with their abilities and the disillusionment of the family that this group provided. In the future, one character fakes his death, one completely over-embraces her powers, another is institutionalized, one tries like hell to ignore his powers and one tries to kill himself with a mix of pills and alcohol (oh, and quite a few of our beloved characters are already dead by this point).

The Extraordinaries
The Extras                           
The Extra-Ordinaries       

(All of these names reflect the same general idea we had for our comic and the possible eventual name of the group that our heroes eventually take on).

Tomorrow Never Knows (All of our issues end with a crucial flashback that reflects on the characters now and the which side the characters will eventually choose. When reading the present day versions of the characters, the reader really doesn't know where these characters will end up. Plus, The Beatles are a pretty sweet band).

Heroes and Zeroes (These characters are truly flawed and each character has their own positive and negative characteristics, some much more than others. The future of these characters are undecided and many of these super-powered kids end up going absolutely nowhere [whether through choices or through their demise])

Shepherd (This is the town most of our characters have grown up in. It certainly reflects where these kids come from, both literally and figuratively [regarding who brings them all together, and why], as well as a pun in the town's name).

Comic Time with Phil and Brian!! (....cuz it's Comic Time with Phil and Brian)

Generation Y (This is a not-so-subtle hint to X-Men and [to a lesser extent] Y:the Last Man as well as a reflection of the age/generation of the main characters).

Echo Boomers 
The Millennials
(The final two possibilities are also nicknames for the generation that our characters come from as well as being pretty bad-ass sounding names. Our characters will possibly eventually take one of these names on as their "crime-fighting" moniker).

Please take the time to vote on the poll for our story name. We truly value your opinion in this matter. --->