The Artist Deathmatch 2.0: Round 2

Welcome to Round Two of the Artists Deathmatch 2.0! As we've mentioned before this contest features brand new characters from a story created by us, the Illumi-Nerdi (which can be viewed here).

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And here are the character descriptions and description of the scene for this week's contest:

Scene: Mary is hovering above the ground, her arms are straight up and she is standing in an aura like glow (with electric current running through it), which is encompassing her. Electric shocks are shooting out of her open-palmed hands, directly in front of her. Her hair is in a ponytail and she is wearing glasses, jeans and a sweater. For Ron, however the artist can best convey Ron’s super-speed power, running around Mary as she uses her power. Ron is wearing mesh shorts and a plain t-shirt (gym attire). Facial descriptions and scenery are completely up to the artist.

Mary Carter: (Think Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That, but hasn’t fully…ahem… developed yet]
Powers: Electricity, electromagnetism
Physical Characteristics: Height- 5’2”, Weight 90, bookworm, geeky.
Weaknesses: Water (obvisouly; think any Pokemon with electric powers) and terrified to develop her powers because of her lack of control.
Personality: Mary is certainly a bookworm. She is incredibly smart and with that comes a bit of an ego, as well as many insecurities. She is arguably the most powerful and probably the least in control of her powers.

Ron Darius: (Donald Glover) Powers: Speed, hard skin
Physical Characteristics: Height-5’10”, Weight-155, Africa-American, athletic, constantly smiling.
Weakness: trouble stopping (early on in his development), high-pitched noises (particularly from his arch-rival).
Personality: Ron is consistently light-hearted and ready to make the others laugh. He is the heart and soul of the team and the glue that keeps the group together.

Justice Goodner

Peter Vazquez

Greg Kimmett

Kevlen Goodner

Christopher Chamberlain

James Wisinger