Artist Deathmatch 2.0: Round 1

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to The Illumi-Nerdi's Artist Deathmatch 2.0. As we have mentioned, this contest will not focus on characters like Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. Instead, the artists will be creating our characters. You are probably wondering, "Who the hell are your characters?".
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For the second poll, we decided to let the fans vote for our comic book's title.----> Vote for your favorite 3 Titles. 

Here are the descriptions of the characters and the scene that we asked the artists to create.

Viola Proctor 
Powers: Wiccan, from the book (Necronomicon) that she finds in her attic.
Physical Characteristics: Height-5’4”, Weight-100, Hair- Long blonde. In normal Viola form, she is that beautiful, standard cheerleader. In Wiccan form she has black hair and extremely pale skin. She has a long black cloak and always carries a satchel which contains her book (the source of her power).
Personality: She seems to have the bitchy, won’t-give-you-the-time-of-day cheerleader attitude. But deep down (deep, deep down) she has a heart of gold. As the witch, she has a much harder skin and is sometimes prone to overuse her powers (as she has done being the most popular girl in school).
Weaknesses: Overuse of the book and her powers drive her mad, as it did her grandmother. 

Matt Dunham
Powers: Agility, extrasensory hearing, sight and smell.
Physical Characteristics: Matt is tall, handsome, well-built and has the square jaw of a movie star with none of the cockiness. Everything about his appearance forces you to like him.
Personality: He looks like your standard jock but his personality is the complete opposite. His interests are on the geeky side. He has a relaxed, fun attitude, sometimes taking his lack of seriousness too far.
Weakness: He has a strong need to belong, occasionally without consideration of right or wrong. Occasionally his feeling of abandonment can exceed his righteousness.

Here is the scene that the artists will be creating:

"Matt wearing his football jersey and athletic shorts, smiling as he leaps off a brick wall, dodging Viola’s attack, as it blasts into the wall next to him. Viola, pale skin, witch attire (black sweeping cloak, some artistic freedom regarding Viola’s getup). Satchel around her shoulder at her waist containing the book. Viola is levitating, shooting a spell at her boyfriend, Matt".
 Jorge Ivan Cedeño Clare

Ward Vaughan 
Greg Kimmett

Brandon Noel 

James Wisinger 

Justice Goodner 

Kevlen Goodner


Peter Vazquez

Alyssa Dalangin

Chris Chamberlain