The Comic Revolution that is Image Comics

At the end of 2011, DC Comics took over the comic community with its new origin and 52 brand smacking new titles. In April of 2012, Marvel Comics introduced us to Civil War 2.0: The Avengers VS the X-Men. Well, I think it is time we introduce you to something very important, it is called the Image Comics Revolution. Since the beginning of 2012, Image Comic have been hitting the stands with several new titles and a few redeveloped titles from the 1990s.

Danger Club: Written by Landry Q. Walker and Art by Eric Jones.

What if the Superheroes left Earth to fight a war in space but never came back? Well, it is time for the sidekicks to take charge but that doesn't mean they will be a united coalition. Walker has described the book as "Lord of the Flies with superheroes".

Danger Club #1 has sold out and you can expect to see its second printing hit the stands on May 2nd.

In the mid 1990s, I stopped reading comic books. During that time, Image Comics was spreading its creativity and I missed out on it. A few months ago, Image Comics announced that they would be relaunching Robert Liefeld's Extreme line. Several titles on the line are Bloodstrike, Glory and Youngblood. Bloodstrike is written by Tim Seeley, current writer of Hack/Slash, art by Franchesco Gaston.

Bloodstrike #26 has sold out and its second printing will hit the stands on April 25th.

If you haven't read The Darkness, you might as well pick it up right now. It has a brand new creative team, written by David Hine and art by Jeremy Haun. Under the supervision of Top Cow, The Darkness #101 has sold out and its second printing will be found on the stands on April 18.