A Scene By Scene Commentary of The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Check out the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises! We also give you a scene by scene breakdown with some running commentary in bold. 

0:13 Bruce, with a goatee, seemingly injured, limping.

0:18 Selena Kyle walking through an airport or train station, suspiciously.

0:24-0:28 Bruce and Selena, dancing. Selena says “There’s a storm coming”. Bruce responds “you sound like you’re looking forward to it”. Selena responds “I’m adaptable”.

0:21-0:31 Bane escapes from captivity on a plane with the help of ??? Is it Ra’s Al Ghul (Or his daughter)? We know he has a vested interested in the destruction of Gotham City.

0:34-0:50 Bane enacting several acts of terror (the destruction of a football stadium [insert Hines Ward joke], bank robbery/wall street heist, possibly kidnapping Alfred, and the destruction of at least two city bridges.

0:54-0:59 Somebody (possibly Bruce) getting dragged off, Bruce stuck in/escaping from a hole, Blake asking “Did they kill him?” And Selena says “I’m not sure”.  Selena says this with a look resembling regret or remorse on her face, suggesting at some feeling of responsibility for Batman’s absence.

0:59-1:06 Bruce, obviously beaten asks Bane “Why didn’t you just…kill me”. Bane retorts with “You’re punishment must be more severe”. It seems clear that BANE KNOWS BATMAN’S TRUE IDENTITY.

1:10- 1:14  Blake is asked “do you think he’s coming back?” and he responds “ I don’t know” (not clear whether this is about Batman or Bane, but probably about where Batman has been for all this time). As this conversation transpires, Bane is shown throwing Batman’s mask aside.  For the longest time we’ve wondered who Joseph Gordon-Levitt was really playing in the movie (is he Robin/Nightwing or just a “beat cop” as his character description suggests). It seems pretty clear that he is going to play a very significant role in the movie as he is featured very heavily in the trailer in comparison to Jim Gordon, who is almost non-existent.

1:14-1:15 Catwoman, looking at a hand in a cage, backing away, seemingly disturbed. WTF was that?

1:18-1:23 Blake says “Why would you run? Bane?” to watch Catwoman responds: “You should be as afraid of him as I am”. Showing that Selena and Bane probably know each other/have worked together in the past.

1:30 Alfred says: “I won’t bury you. I’ve buried enough members of the Wayne family”. Either saying Nolan won’t kill Bruce Wayne or further showing the devastation of a possible death of Batman.

1:36-1:49 Batman watching over Gotham. Selena saying to Bruce “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything”, interspersed with flashes of Batman and Bane fighting, Blake with his hands raised outwards, eyes closed (is he praying? Miming? Casting a spell?) and Lucius Fox looking at a computer (further use of the Patriotic Act?). Batman replies “Not everything. Not yet”. Possibly suggesting that Batman is going to give his life for “these people”.

1:54 Bruce kisses Talia Al Ghul. Here comes Damian.

1:55-2:10 Random fight scenes/explosions, good view of the Bat Jet, Catwoman and Batman fighting thugs side by side. It hints early on that Selena is working with Bane or simply a villain, but later on in the trailer it seems like she’s working with the good guys (through her talks with Blake and fighting alongside Batman).

2:10-2:20 Catwoman and Batman in the Bat Jet. Typical witty action movie banter (with the standard Batman gruff voice) between standard sexy male and sexy female.

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