Scott Lobdell: The Man, The Legend

Scott Lobdell has written for some of the most beloved characters in comics, including: Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Iron-Man and is perhaps best known for his fantastic work on Uncanny X-Men and Alpha Flight. Currently, he is writing the brilliantly written and always entertaining Red Hood and the Outlaws for DC's New 52. He's also responsible for introducing several new members to the current Teen Titans, for giving Superboy a kick-ass new origin (both also for DC's New 52) and outing Northstar (one of the first openly gay superheroes). He was kind enough to answer a few questions for the Illumi-Nerdi.

Dear Mr. Lobdell, Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity. We hope these question are a little different than what you're used to. Enjoy!

I am giving you the opportunity to kill any comic book character. Who would it be and why?

Hmmm... not big on killing, though I've certainly done it before. I'd say THE PUNISHER -- I think he's reached his limit of murders.

Looking back, which single issue that you’ve written are you most disappointed by?

X-MEN UNLIMITED 4. The Perfect Storm of a bad story -- too many masters to serve. & guess what?! No waterfalls in the missippi river!

What is your weirdest moment with a fan?

It wasn't wierd as much as it was awesome. If I recall her name was Cheryl, Washington DC, 1994-ish?

Now that you are 5 issues in for all 3 new DC titles, is there anything you wanted to put into it that didn’t make the final product?

If there is I can't recall -- I am a very fluid plotter. So whenever I am faced with making a change I quickly let go of the old stuff.

On your deathbed, what would you want your last words to be?

 "Already?! I just got here!"

Thank you Scott for this interview and thank you to the fans for supporting Scott, the Illumi-Nerdi and the Comic community (and if "Cheryl" from Washington D.C is reading this, please, we'd love to hear more about your "awesome" run in with Scott).