Justice League #5: Stale and Sour

Justice League #5: Written by Geoff Johns. Art by Jim Lee. 

Justice League #5 hit the comic stands a week late, which had me more excited than usual when I bought it. Rumors were spreading that it was because of Jim Lee's art. I opened the book and I was actually disappointed by Jim Lee. Did anyone else notice the sloppy art? Let's start with page 4: the first two panels. The Flash looks decent but Superman looks awful. He has a Jay Leno chin. Also, Superman's look reminded me a lot of Bizarro. Now, take a glimpse at page 10. The first two panels are meh. I just don't think Lee is that great at drawing scenes that look out from the distance. Aquaman looks a paint splat. I know for a fact that Lee's art was much better when he drew the Batman: Hush storyline.

Let's take a look at the story, which was really disappointing. Since Issue 1, all of the characters have been standing around looking at each other and questioning the situation they're in. Four issues later, it's still happening. It was interesting watching Green Lantern lead the team, but the others were way too comfortable with him leading. Just two issues before, Aquaman said he wanted to lead and suddenly he agrees to take orders from an surface dweller. By the way, Cyborg suddenly joins the team and decides not to ask any questions. Come on Johns, you are better than this. However, the touching scene between Batman and Green Lantern was enjoyable. We are so used to them arguing back and forth. It was fun to have Batman convince Green Lantern that he needs to step up and lead their depleted team. I hope for Issue six, we get a rare glimpse of Green Lantern in a J.L leadership role

Rating: 5.5/10

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