Tis' The Season

"With great power comes great responsibility."

                              -Uncle Ben

For once, our blog won't be about discussing or debating our favorite comic books. Instead, I am asking my fellow Nerdis to help one of our own. On Tuesday, December 20th, Marc Lombardi's mother's house was broke into.

Items Stolen:

"Among the items taken were jewelry given to her by our deceased father (her best friend), items belonging to our grandfather, who was living with our mother and being cared for by her until he only recently passed away  on December 9th, (two weeks to the day), medication, and over $1000 in cash that was unfortunately already placed in Christmas Cards to be given to her friends and family in the coming days plus a few gift cards. Even more sickening, an additional $1,100 in cash was also stolen, which she has been saving for the past two weeks to pay towards the $2500 she owned for funeral expenses for her father. BTW-Homeowners Insurance DOES NOT cover cash and giftcards:("

I am asking for your help. I know plenty of you have spent your own cash buying presents for family members you probably don't like. I am giving you the opportunity to help put a smile on Mrs. Lombardi's face. Let's help bring Christmas to Mrs. Lombardi and her family.

Here is the link to help fund Mrs Lombardi's Christmas Spirit

Thank you all and Happy Holidays