Comic Reviews

Action Comics #4

This was a fun read. Usually, I have problems with a comic book if the entire issue is a fight scene but I didn’t this time around. I was thrilled to see the introduction of John Henry. It looks like this New 52 John Henry is the same as the original, which I believe everyone will be happy about. It was fun watching Brainiac create little robot monsters. What is up with these back portraits of the main villains? They did with it Darkseid and now they are doing it with the brand new Brianiac. I love the new take on Brianiac because he doesn't have human features. He’s small and looks like a bug. It's fun watching a villain who looks weak yet wields so much power. More and more, I am loving Morrison’s and Rags Morales' take on Superman. He’s young and such an amateur. I think my one disappointment is Lex Luthor. He’s weak and that isn’t the Lex Luthor that I want to read.

Rating- 8/10

Swamp Thing #4

I am brand new to Swamp Thing. I never read Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. I saw the movie when I was twelve and I don’t a remember it. Since issue one, it’s interesting to watch Alec Holland being confused, shocked and just completely lost. He's an interesting character. He wants nothing to do with Swamp Thing's legacy but at the same time he has nothing else to live for. By the way, when the hell are we going to see Swamp-Thing? It's four issues in and we’ve been teased with him but that’s it. It would be sort of cool if Alec could transform from human form to Swamp form. My guess is that diehard Swamp fans won’t be happy about that. By the way, the villain is not even ten years old and he gives me the creeps. 

Rating- 7.5/10