The Illumi-Nerdi's Top Ten Heroes Lists

Snapper Carr's Top Ten Heroes List

10. Jack from Lost: Should you really question this? From the very first episode, you loved Jack. He never thought about himself and only those around him. He saved the world by defeating the Smoke Monster.

9. Kyle Rayner from especially Green Lantern: New Guardians: No, I was never a Hal Jordan fan growing up because Kyle was MY Green Lantern. Before you start judging me, think about what Kyle did. He was the last ring holder and he saved the Green Lantern Corp. Also, he didn’t cry/bitch when Hal came back, he knew the Corp would only be stronger than ever before.

8. Peter Petrelli from Heroes: Maybe it’s just me but Peter reminds me of Tim Tebow. Peter wasn’t perfect but he tried so damn hard to be the best hero. I know Heroes wasn’t a great show towards the end but I never stopped enjoying his character.

7. Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight: I know fellow Illumi-Nerdi Gabriel wouldn’t  agree with me but the guy cleaned up Gotham City…even if it was off screen.  He was the White Knight! He was perfect until he lost everything that mattered.

6. Doctor Who: I am brand new to the Doctor Who hysteria. If I grew up knowing him, he would be in my top 3 but that isn’t the case. He has saved thousands of worlds and travels in the freakin’ Tardis. By the way, I am Team David Tennant.

5. Nightwing: Q: The most beloved character in the DCU? A: Yes. The most trusted hero in any universe.

4. Cyclops: Six years ago, the Scarlet Witch almost exterminated the Mutant race. Guess who saved the day? Yep, this guy.  Cyclops makes the tough decisions that Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men can’t.

3. Batman: He isn’t an Anti-Hero soooo shut up already.

2. Spider-Man: He has Parker luck, which means nothing ever goes right in his life. Does he get all emo on us? No!! He never gives up.

1. Superman: Some might think this lame but you are wrong. I’ve been humming the Superman theme song since I was four. In high school, I grew up with Smallville and it made me believe that people can make a difference. Today, the new Action Comics’Superman is one of the best comic books in the last few years.


Rick from The Walking Dead: His wife died, his step-baby died and well his son got shot in the eye. Yes, he gets depressed here and there but he never ever stopped fighting the zombies.

Wally West: He is my Flash!!!!

Wolverine: I am waiting for someone to bitch about why he isn’t in my top ten.

Tim Drake: Even though Dick said Tim was his equal, Tim is the better Robin and is the better detective.   

Mark Grayson: Invincible- He could be the most flawed superhero of all time. His father kicked his ass, his mother blamed him for his father leaving and he just saved the universe from his own kind.

Gabriel Partridge's Top Ten Hero List  

10. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes): Despite the fact that he probably had Aspberger’s Syndrome he invented modern crime fiction and consistently thwarted one of the best villains of all time, Professor Moriarty.

9. Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly): He’s the Han Solo for the modern era, and I’d argue even more awesome.

8. Ellen Ripley (Alien): The only surviving member of the Nostromo, probably the most badass female character of all time. She went from survivor in Alien, to ass-kicker in the sequels.

7. The Doctor (Doctor Who): The ultimate hero across Time and Space. Ridiculously likable across all incarnations of the character plus  he encounters or defeats some of the most interesting personalities in history.

6. Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings): The true hero of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. While Aragorn is the King, and Frodo is the ring-bearer, Sam was Frodo’s only dependable friend (and eventual ring-bearer himself) and was the ultimate reason the One Ring got destroyed, leading to Frodo, Aragorn’s and the rest of free Middle Earth’s triumph.

5. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): She died twice but keeps coming back to fight back the Hellmouth and save the world.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars): The only consistent hero through all six of the Star Wars films. He trains the Jedi that balances the force and makes a paraplegic out of the Sith that threatens the entire universe.

3. Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones): Come on. He keeps the Ark of the Covenant out of the hands of the most vile people in modern history, prevents a psychopathic Thugee from obtaining the sacred Shiva Lingam Stones, and stops the Nazis from voiding out Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Not bad for a few years work.

2. Jack Shephard (Lost): As in true Lost fashion, Jack had his ups and downs. He was perfect, and then imperfect, and then almost a non-event (season five). But he ultimately became one of the most important characters in television history. Throughout the brilliant six seasons of the show he sacrificed so much for the group he came to care so much about. In the end he made the ultimate sacrifice one could make, he gave himself up for the preservation of the Island, his friends and the world.

1. Yorick Brown (Y: The Last Man): The only remaining male from the gendercide that wipes out half the population. He proves himself to be more than that quirky, witty, obnoxious egocentric prick he seems to be at the beginning. He is one of the only consistently likable characters in modern comics. He is without fail a completely likeable wiseass that is so rare in pop culture these days. You can’t help but like him and oh, by the way, he saves mankind.

Honorable Mentions

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead): He kicks so much ass and has a chin to match.

Dexter Morgan (Dexter): Anti-Heroes are pretty tough to defend but how can you argue with killing murderers and rapists?

Daredevil (Daredevil): I love Frank Miller’s Daredevil and a blind guy is always an awesome underdog.

Agent 355 (Y: The Last Man): How can you not love Yorick’s tragic care-taker?

Korben Dallas (The Fifth Element): I seriously regret not putting Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg in my favorite villains because Gary Oldman is consistently the best villain ever. But The Fifth Element itself deserves a place and Korben Dallas is such a cool hero from an underrated Sci-Fi flick. 

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