86 Team Edward, Sub Team Sinestro

 Green Lantern: Issue Three is an excellent issue, which stands out as the climax of the story arc called “On the Run from The Sinestro Corps”. This issue is full of interesting character development, conflict of trust and fantastic art (check out page Page 4, Panel 1). More importantly, a question since issue two is still lingering throughout issue 3. Who is the greater Lantern, Hal or Sinestro? Mid-way through the issue, the Guardians decide to create a new army of universal protectors. They failed with the Manhunters and believe they failed with the Green Lantern corps. By the way, Hal disintegrates on the final page of the issue.

 Let’s talk about Sinestro. He is arrogant, manipulative and evil. While we are three issues into the new Green Lantern, I think everyone should be enjoying Johns’ development of Sinestro. The bulk of issue three is Sinestro’s attempt to recruit Hal into returning to Sinestro’s homeworld of Korguar. At the moment, it’s under occupation by the Sinestro corps. Each scene that Sinestro and Hal have together is very unique. The hero and villain have a symmetry that is unlike many other rivalries. It’s unlike scenes that Batman and Joker have or even scenes that Superman and Luthor have. Its not that these two characters are friends, it’s that they have an odd respect for each other. They both believe they are protecting the universe but very much in opposite ways.